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ENJOY MORE FOR LESS! We are no longer retailing 12g Caviar. Enjoy our new 15g Caviar with NO price increment.



Our Sustainability Story

Sustainable fishing methods

Almas Caviar was established with Professionals in the Biomedical Field. Our successful development and implementation of Sustainable Technology refrains from the traditional method of killing the Sturgeons for Caviar.

Sturgeon is an endangered fish species and it is listed under CITES

(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). 

Almas Caviar has proven that while protecting the lives of sturgeons, the quality of Caviar will not be compromised. It is not true that Sturgeons have to be killed to obtain the best quality Caviar. 

Almas Caviar is committed to emulating the natural environment when raising our sturgeons and we pride ourselves in the highest standards of care in our production.

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