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  • From the authentic purebred stock of sturgeon native to Russia, the Caspian Sea, our sturgeons are sustainably raised under pristine and sustainable conditions in state-of-the-art aquafarm in Korea. Sturgeons are raised near the source of the Han river, using only crystal clear and pristine waters.


    From egg to fish to harvest, each step is carefully and meticulously supervised, ensuring caviar of the most superb quality and outstanding flavour is provided to our customers.


    Our Almas Caviar collection is harvested from albino sturgeons. Like uncut diamonds, they are rare with only 1 occurring in every 25,000 sturgeons. The colour of its Caviar are in unique and exquisite shades of golden yellow, unlike any other Caviars. 

    Our Almas Caviar is prized for its medium to large size, luxuriously smooth and unique deep buttery flavour. 

    Mother of Pearl Spoon is included in every purchase of Almas Caviar.

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